Niña Jose and Hazel Ann Mendoza photos from FHM

These two lovely ladies are FHM's cover girls for this month of March.

FHM interview with Niña Jose:
We honestly thought your FHM cover wouldn’t happen this soon.
Why? Because I’m the shy, pa-tweetums type? Actually, I was super shocked that you asked. I never thought you’d consider me. This is such an honor. To be an FHM cover girl means you think I’m beautiful, sexy, hot. It’s a privilege.

Why the change of image?
My manager, tito Manny Valera, explained to us thoroughly that I’d be packaged as sexy, regal, and sophisticated. Yung hindi bastusin. I realized it’s a great time to do this right now. I want to feel sexy and take care of my body and well-being some more.

FHM interview with Hazel Ann:

This is your first bikini shoot!
I was nervous because it’s my first time to pose in a swimsuit. Pero excited ako kasi pag nakakikita ako ng FHM iniisip kong gusto ko rin lumabas dito. Besides, nagtu-two-piece naman ako sa beach. It was my mom who had qualms about it. Even when my manager Manny Valera said I should go for it, I waited for my mom’s go signal.

Niña JoseWas going the sexy route how you saw your career path would be?
It never really crossed my mind then because all I knew was magpa-tweetums, ha ha! Siyempre nakikita ko yung mga nagpo-pose for FHM and I really find them sexy—I never thought I could be like them. When I transferred to Direk Manny’s stable, he prepped me to start taking on more mature roles. And I’m okay with that, pero sabi ko, “Wait lang, pero hindi ko pa po kaya yung bed scenes or nudity.” As of now, I’m fine with swimsuits. Pero kung kasing katawan ko na si Beyoncé, why not? Ha ha!

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