Girls of FHM this November

Renee Summer

It's the third time for Renee to be featured in FHM and she wants more...

FHM interviews Renee:

This is officially your third FHM appearance. Congratulations!
Yes, this is the third time. I had been a feature babe and nag-cover din ako for the Ladies’ Confessions special. Those two appearances really boosted my career. Mas maraming nakakilala sa akin. So I hope on the fourth time, i-cover ninyo na talaga ako, ha ha ha!

How do you find the lingerie we made you wear?
I feel comfortable naman wearing them so walang problema. I feel so sexy in it. Feeling ko ako na yung pinaka-sexy at pinakamagandang babae. Ha ha! Actually sa bahay I wear the same things pag matutulog na ako.

What kind of a driver are you?
Safe naman. Pero ilang beses na rin akong nahuli ng pulis, mostly ignoring traffic signs and driving kahit coding yung minamaneho ko. But never pang kinuha ang driver’s license ko. I don’t know, pag kinakausap ko na sila, sinasabi nila okay na, ingat na lang ako next time. Very forgiving naman ang mga pulis natin, kailangan lang kausapin sila nang maayos.

Cherie Salazar

Cherie Salazar one hot realtor! Cherie enjoys helping Clients achieve the American dream of home ownership, and now a model of Girls of FHM for the month of November 2007.

FHM interviews with Cherie Salazar:

As a realtor do you have your photos and contact details posted on benches or buses, just like in the movies?

As far as my advertising goes, no I do not have my picture on every bus stop bench! That’s kind of cheesy, if you ask me! However, I do send out those annoying realtor emails to everyone on my contact list! Ha ha, watch out, I may get your email address next!
Go ahead! Ever been hit on by your buyers or sellers?
The world is full of men so, yes, it happens. But I handle it as professionally as possible. A lot of people say that being attractive works to your advantage in any sales position but I guess it really depends on how you handle the situation. But I don’t want to waste my time with a fake client who really has no intention of buying or selling anything.

Do you think your looks makes your job easier?
Well, yes and no. Physical appearance may help in some ways but it has a huge disadvantage as well. There are different ways of being attractive. In my position as a realtor being sexy is not always a good thing. I believe that being professional and classy is a hell of a lot sexier than just some woman strutting her stuff in a bikini.

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