Cristine Reyes, Carlene Aguilar kiss and make up

Cristine Carlene

After a very public spat, actress Cristine Reyes and Binibing Pilipinas titlist Carlene Aguilar have finally settled their differences and agreed to reconcile.

“I’m really happy to announce that both parties have decided to settle their differences in the best possible terms. Both of them come out winners,” Atty. Dexter Laquanan, Reyes's lawyer, told radio dzMM.

Showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin said the reconciliation meeting happened at Rembrandt Hotel in Quezon City.

Laquanan said Reyes agreed to met with Aguilar after the latter's exclusive interview on ABS-CBN celebrity talk show "The Buzz" last Sunday.

He said Reyes and Aguilar both realized that the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding. “As far as Cristine is concerned, she understands where Carlene is coming from. She understands the sentiments and emotions of Carlene and because she understands Carlene and since she is also a woman she decided to withdraw the case," he said.

Laquanan said that on Monday (November 26), Reyes will file a motion to withdraw the slander case she filed against Aguilar.

The rift started when Aguilar confronted Reyes about her relationship with actor Dennis Trillo. Trillo had earlier admitted fathering a love child with Aguilar.

Earlier reports said Aguilar tailed Reyes to a dressing room in Broadway Centrum and whispered: “Hindi ka mahal no’n. Katawan lang ang gusto niya sa’yo (He doesn’t love you. He’s only interested in your body).”

After the incident, Reyes filed charges against Aguilar on November 14.

In her interview with The Buzz, Aguilar revealed that she and Trillo have been in a relationship for five years when she got pregnant. She said she and Dennis agreed that she would go to the US to protect Trillo's budding acting career.

Aguilar refused to confirm what she whispered to Reyes during the incident.

"I took the initiative to introduce myself to her. I shook her hand and introduced myself. Then I whispered something to her. I don’t want to elaborate on what I whispered to her because it's private. Then we left," she said.

She said she had felt aggravated upon hearing of news about Trillo's supposed affair with Reyes. She also got angry when Reyes sued her and even demanded a public apology.

"I’ll ask you, do you think private conversations, a whisper, an exchange of text messages between two parties merit a public apology?" Aguilar asked.

Source:ABS-CBN Interactive

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